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Today is a special day! We are on the promenade of Marbella. The tranquility, the sun on the horizon, seagulls soaring over the sea. We would like to spend the holiday in style. We have an overwhelming desire to eat something good, something special. Seafood – is always a joy for the stomach and good fun. We remember Da Bruno, an Italian restaurant, located in the heart of the promenade of Marbella. It is a wonderful place of exquisite and excellent cuisine, where it is always possible to really indulge in some culinary delights and fine wine and chat with the owners. They spend every evening with guests, which is nice. As soon as we enter we fall into the welcoming arms of helpful and friendly waiters, and we dissolve in the environment of warm tones of the main room.

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The pianist plays relaxing tunes, while the wine is flowing along with the music. They offer a wide selection of fresh fish, pasta and traditional risotto, unforgettable desserts. So many delicious options makes it a hard choice, but we are glad we’re here!



For starters we ordered fettuccini with lobster and slightly fruity white wine,



and for the main course – Mixed grilled seafood. This is our treat for today. The lobster was delicious, but the main course was pleasantly surprising to all of us. They brought a melon cut in half covered in delicious seafood of all kinds of colors and tastes: two lobsters, red ‘’Carabineros’’, smaller shrimps, mussels, and as an original accompaniment – juicy exotic fruits. It was a masterpiece; the tropical fantasy summer with a sense of fiesta!

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Tonight was all in one: a taste of summer, the cozy atmosphere, the music, our mood, our desires and, most importantly, the exquisite food.



Da Bruno restaurant never fails to surprise you! It was a truly gastronomic holiday!

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