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The 15th of May 2016 the luxurious Marina of Sotogrande transformed after a long week of bad weather in the principal nautical event of the coast, the final of the RC44 Sotogrande World Championship that ended up with the a worthy winner  Igor Lah and his “Team CEEREF”(Slovenia).

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But this was only after some anxious moments off the Sotogrande port, as Lah’s crew slogged it out with local heroes, John Bassadone’s “Peninsula Petroleum Sailing Team” from nearby Gibraltar, who became second on the Fleet Race.

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Other race winners were “ARTEMIS Racing “(Sweden) team , by Torbjorn Tornqvist. Frenchman Huques Lepic’s “Aleph Racing”.

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The battle put together 11 watercrafts of RC44 Class, which gave its name to this championship that this year began in the Bermudas and will finish its trajectory in the waters of Malta.

Among the 11 teams, competing at this RC44 World Championship Marina de Sotogrande six won races. These included defending World Champion, Team Nika of Vladimir Prosikhin and Bronenosec Sailing Team of Vladimir Liubomirov, the two stand-out campaigns of 2015, Team Nika also being the defending World Champion.

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During this period of time, the team of magazine had the opportunity to speak with the media manager of the Russian team “BLACK WATER” – Ekaterina Zhilina. We discovered that this young team is the only team composed by the national navigators of the country, for which they are competing. The team was created by the graduated students of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. These young specialists have had the idea of creating a sailing club and started to develop its activity, what allowed them to go so far as to have its participation place in such a great championship as it is RC44 World Championship. Only from there on, the club started gaining its positions after years of preparation.

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The event of Sotogrande has brought together a big number of professionals, both the participants and the organizers, as well as the VIP guests and the daily visitors of Sotogrande port.


The final began with a breakfast, where the teams and the hosts could enjoy the most remarkable images the competition week and could get prepared for the last stage of this unforgettable adventure in the strait of Gibraltar.


The wonderful weather, which has accompanied us during this day, has allowed all the guests of the event to enjoy from the coast or directly in the sea, surrounded with the numerous sails, this fascinating regatta. The lucky ones of the VIP boat were able to enjoy for several hours not only the best sights of this aquatic adventure with a delicious buffet prepared on the boat, but some of them, the most daring ones, could also board the yachts directly with the teams of their choice and live this experience with them.


After approximately 4 long hours of battle, we were able to finally discover the big winners of the RC44 Sotogrande World Championship – Igor Lah and his team ‘ CEERIF ‘, that we are happy to congratulate for their great effort in a battle, where the professionalism, the meteorological conditions and the luck have each of them its own important role for the victory. They are the ones who really have gained the luxurious catering that took place just after the championship and was prepared both for the teams and for the special guests “hungry” of sharing their sensations and the lived experiences.


Therefore, with the luck of having lived this event personally and from the closest positions, we can affirm that the event was a real success thanks to the great organization and the real professionals of the sailing sports. Their love for the sea could be seen once again in their huge willpower and their big effort in the waters of the Mediterranean.

But before finishing, we would like to tell you about some interesting details related to the championship …

Do you know what the number “44” and the abbreviation “RC” mean in the title of the championship?
– ‘ 44 ‘ means the class of the participating sailing ships which is 44 feet.
– ‘ RC ‘ are the initials of the co-designer and five-time winner of ‘America’s Cup’, Russel Coutts who created with the naval architect Andrej Justin this new class of yachts “RC44″. This sailing ship has a new light high performance design and it was prepared for an 8-person crew. Another characteristic of its design is that the “RC44″ is a yacht which consists of several parts. Therefore it fits in a custom made container,  which allows to store the equipment during the regatta.


Do you know the difference between “Fleet Race” and “Match Racing” ?
– ‘Fleet Race’ is when all the yachts go out to the sea all together to compete between each other.
– ‘Match Race’ is when the sailing ships compete one against another. It is a competition between each 2 teams.

And to finish we would like to thank the whole team of organization of the RC44 SOTOGRANDE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and especially Jessica Gray for giving us the chance to participate in this unique event.

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