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If you had the idea to visit Gibraltar, don’t miss the chance to visit the beaches that stretch fromTarifa up to Cadiz and are the most attractive windsurfing and kitesurfing locations. Ocean waves, winds, yellow sandy coastlines, which pass into the dunes.


Visit the pine forest for those who love wild natural beauty and the hippie culture, there is plenty to explore… The supervised coast is sufficiently equipped with amenities – parking, convenient entrance paths to the beach, toilets, garbage bins, even a great wooden pedestrian bridge leading over the sandy dunes – a great opportunity to take a walk and ride a bicycle, while admiring stunning coastline scenery – BOLONIA beach area.



You can also visit the remains of Roman Empire, the rest of the city ruins of BAEL CLAUDIA. Enjoy “TINTO DE VERANO” (red wine, diluted carbonated drink –a cold summer drink, especially popular in the south of Spain.) You can also visit the ‘’chiringito’’ – beach restaurants and admire the Roman heritage, which makes you ponder how everything is temporary …


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PUNTA PALOMA beach stands out for its huge dunes and pine forests.



Follow a narrow road, surrounded by dunes, you can visit the former militaristic area, which is now desolate, but still has preserved buildings.


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Surprise in this area can be found in a unique spot on – brasserie EL Mirlo, which can be visited to recover, relax and enjoy the uncivilized world.

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Valdevaqueros  beach is a hot spot for water sports lovers, hippies and naturalists.

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Zahara de los Atunes – tuna  dishes from this place are delicious. One of the most popular and the most famous places of tuna fish dishes restaurant is located in Hotel ANTONIO with their brand famous dish RED HOT TUNA PEPPERS. It is recommended to reserve your dinner or lunch well in advance.

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Of course, there are hotels, hostels, guest houses to spend a holiday or simply a weekend in this unique Spanish coast… Recommend to reserve in advance, as well…

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What makes this even more of a special segment of the Spanish coast? The security – a well-guarded and monitored area by the police makes you feel safe and helps you truly relax…