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This season is especially fashionable with polka dotted clothes. Famous brands of dotted clothes, shoes, accessories and interior details.

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Polka Dot started its long-term role in the history of fashion in 1928, appearing in Walt Disney’s character Minnie (Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend), who wore a polka dot skirt and became the first icon of this fashion trend!



It became especially popular in the 40s and 50s. Stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor decorated their dresses with these beautiful dots. During this period Christian Dior started to produce his famous “hourglass” dresses,which he often decorated with polka dot patterns.


The polka dot styles were popular for men too. Even Winston Churchill wore his bowtie in a polka dot pattern,which became his distinctive mark along with his famouscigars.

Portrait of Winston Churchill --- Image by © CORBIS

Even now the polka dot bowties are popular and stylish among men.

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