Story of the restaurant «La Pappardella of Puerto Banus».

«La Pappardella of Puerto Banus»

– the restaurant with the authentic Neapolitan flavors that we had already the opportunity to introduce you in our articles across its exquisite cuisine and its unique environment. Nevertheless, to understand the success of this wonderful place it is very important to understand how the restaurant works and of course to know its story. Today we have the pleasure to share with you the story of the restaurant «La Pappardella of Puerto Banus» narrated by its great owner and simply a wonderful woman Lucia Precioso.


Every quality restaurant as it is the case of «La Pappardella of Puerto Banus» is not an improvised business, but it is a whole set of concrete ideas elaborated to create and to organize its functioning. In such a way, to create a restaurant and to bring it to the success, it is necessary to do a long research of all the elements necessary to get to there. Lucia Precioso has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. She opened the first ‘La Pappardella’ with her family in England. The city of London gave to this family the possibility of obtaining the knowledge of cultures and different customs, so important for a business where the clients are the real bosses. However, the Mediterranean soul pushes this family to come back to the South and finally choose for living our wonderful Marbella. An ideal place to live and to start a business! In this epoch it is not the only restaurant that belongs to this Neapolitan family because they open another restaurant in Lanzarote. The big family controls perfectly the two businesses simultaneously.

After Lanzarote Lucia returns to Marbella. After years of administrative work in the restaurant and after the divorce with her husband, this ambitious woman decides to come to the forefront to run the restaurant «La Pappardella of Puerto Banus» in her own way. Lucia falls in love with her work and dedicates to it, since then, all her time. Nowadays and with her enriched experience, she tells us that the dedication, the value, the decisions and the patience are the principal keys to run a restaurant successfully. This nowadays extremely strong woman had to learn a lot for her own account to show her place and value in this business. Nevertheless, Lucia Precioso is not only a business woman but a woman who has a big heart because she opens the doors of her restaurant for many solidarity events. The restaurant organizes charitable meals to help different associations such as Caritas and Autistic Children among many others. Lucia also organizes events to help young talents of Flamenco music by giving them the opportunity to perform in her restaurant. All this does of « The Pappardella of Port Banus » a real solidarity restaurant.

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As any Italian woman, Lucia Precioso thinks that to have a restaurant it is necessary to know about cooking to understand the flavors, bearing in mind that cooking at home has nothing to do with the art of cuisine in a restaurant. We must know that the success of this business is the quality of the food that you offer to the clients together with, of course, the essential quality of the service. If we ask Lucia today what differentiates «La Pappardella of Puerto Banus» from the other restaurants, she would answer us the following: “It is the Italian essence and especially the authentic cuisine of the South of Italy! «La Pappardella of Puerto Banus» is a fusion of a ‘trattoria’ with the Italian luxurious restaurants. We sell high quality service and food in a comfortable atmosphere. Our restaurant is the perfect place for families and friends’ meetings. Our menu is very diversified. «La Pappardella of Puerto Banus» » is a place where you eat well, where you enjoy a great service, where you can find an entertained atmosphere in a luxurious environment and where many celebrities come.”

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The real lovers of the restaurant business are the owners of the restaurants, who dedicate all their time to make their clients happy. We can see it once again thanks to the story of Lucia and of her restaurant. Nothing more to add in this case. We can only invite you to visit once again this unique place and give your own opinion.

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«La Pappardella of Puerto Banus» – a restaurant that perfectly shows that the cuisine in Italy is a real culture!



The Neapolitan cuisine differs from the Italian recipes by the flavor and the way of preparing the food. The cuisine of the south of Italy is more elaborated and that way it has more flavor.

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For example, there is a difference between the Neapolitan pizza and the Roman pizza. The Neapolitan pizzahas a rim that allows to keep the ingredients that are added to it. The rim allows to eat the pizza in a comfortable way because this pizza must be eaten with hands. It is also thinner. The Roman pizza has no rim and the Argentinian pizza is a pizza that has more mass.

Thank you to Lucia Precioso for this small detail.