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We are in Fuengirola, in the restaurant “La Solana” testing a gourmet menu of Abraham Garrote, a Spanish chef who likes to surprise his customers!


Each dish is a piece of art, like a picture of the sea and the mountains, in a plate.The dish was a delicate mackerel on a bed of mashed carrots, tasty oysters with cucumber mousse foam, soft and juicy pieces of meat on a parsnip floor with squid ink colored in the company of small carrots and corn and an appetizing mushroom mousse. All very rich and original!

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We applaud the tuna belly cooked at low temperature for about an hour. It is a masterpiece! We are surprised by both the flavor, color and exquisite presentation.



Marta Galdiano, the wife of Abraham, a smiling sommelier helps her husband in his restaurant. She is from Navarra. We can see that not only does she know her job well but loves it as well. She openswine bottles, fills our glasses and speaks of the richness of flavor and aroma of each wine brand. We tried wonderful wines: easy to drink white, soft pink fruity, pleasant and harmonious of the Arcaya Family. Do not say anything, just enjoy…