Revolution in contouring plastic treatments!

Fillers Ellanse – revolution in contouring plastic treatments!

Development of face fillers “Ellanse” by the Dutch company AqtisMedicalBV is responsible for the creation of the newest dermal fillers. Ellanse products are at the same time augmenting the tissue and reacting as stimulators for the formation of new collagen.

The main objectives of the contouring plastic procedures Ellanse are:
— Filling deep wrinkles and skin areas with depressions

— Correction of the face shape

— Augmentation of the skin tissue (reconstruction of the soft tissues volume)

— Bio engineering of the skin (stimulation of development of new collagen)

The line “Ellanse” are products for patients who have an accelerated elimination of the fillers based on the hylauronic acids, but also for those who are looking for a stable long-term cosmetic effect. The  fillers can also be offered as alternative for such patients, for whom it is not recommended to use hylauronic acids injection.

Ellanse was awarded by the international agency  “Frost& Sullivan” in nomination «The Most Innovating Dermal Filler 2011».
There are a few different variations of the product. It allowes to choose the durability of the effect and to supervise the durability of its presence in the tissue for a better control of its effect.

There is a choice of durability of the effect from 1 to 4 years. Usually it is recommended to start with 1-2 years durability of the results.
No primary skin testing needed. Ellanse products are absolutely hypo-allergenic.
Ellance Fillers do not provoke or cause appearance of the hypostases during all the treatment.
Longer effect.
Small hematomas are possible after the procedure.

Introduction of Ellance can be combined with various physiotherapeutic methods (photorejuvenating, RF-lifting, body-care procedures such as massage, microcurrents, etc.), as well as with different methods of introduction of hylauronic acids (other fillers, biorevitalization, bio engineering), botox, meso and tensor threads.

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