Plaza Del Mar Centro Wellness

Do sports with style is possible.

Sport in a luxurious city in a gym that offers much more than a life style is Plaza Del Mar Wellness Center.


How many times do we like going out to the seafront of Marbella to enjoy its beautiful views, to have a coffee or just to go for a walk?! The sun and the sea bewitch not only the lovers of holidays, but also us, who are always here and never get tired of the magic of this city.

The wonderful thing is that the coast also allows us to take care of our health during the whole year doing sports. Of course, some of us go out for a run every day but, nevertheless, we need something more than that.

And this place exists and without forgetting about the sea breeze nor the sun, this place is called PLAZA DEL MAR CENTRO WELLNESS


Plaza Del Mar Centro Wellness is much more than a usual gym because it brings together not only all the possible physical activities of a standard gym, such as the cardiovascular machines and the equipment for the musculation , the group training with an instructor, but also it allows you to enjoy its swimming pool and a really wonderful SPA again with a seaview.

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What could be better after a long working day or conversely a good beginning of the day?


Follow us and we will tell you much more about this center that already is part of our life and might be very interesting for you too.