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Biorevitalizing peeling PRX-T33

We ,women, know how important it is to perform rejuvenating peelings of our skin. However living in a sunny country we are also afraid of negative consequences after the peeling because of the sunrays. Italian dermatologist, Rossana Castellana, developed a new peeling especially elaborated for residents of southern countries.

Chemical peeling PRX-T33 is the advanced formula of the TCA-peeling, which includes 33% of ТСА, peroxide of hydrogen and 5% of kojic acid. Thanks to that, this new peeling is not as ‘aggressive’ as the pure ТСА acid.It penetrates very fast to the dermis activating regenerative process. On the other hand, the peeling also moisturizes skin tissues and stimulates its regeneration.

How does it work?
PRX-T33 enables stimulation of dermal fibroblasts and of the growth factors without causing any inflammation of the skin or any tissue damages . It does not provoke any skin shedding. It can be applied no matter the season as it does not increase sensitivity of the skin towards the sun beams. It is is suitable for all the skin phototypes.

Peeling PRX-T33 is a unique method against:
– Ageing (operates against skin sagging, improving physical appearance without damaging it)
– Signs of the face skin photoageing  (dryness, pigmentation)
– Scars (after acne)
– Stretch marks
– Against Seborrheic Dermatitis
– Face skin hyperkeratosis

It is used as auxiliary remedy for increasing the results of laser and radio-frequency rejuvenating treatments.


Potentially aggressive peeling becomes an nonivasive sparing procedure. The innovative formula allows to perform the procedures more often, which raises the level of its efficiency.

Considering the newest advanced scientific developments in the field of aesthetic medicine we are offering in our clinic the realization of the PRX-peeling procedure in combination with simultaneous injections of vitamin plasmalifting, collagen and hyaluronic acids for the achievement of the best results.

Depending the problem, it is recommended from 3 up to 7 sessions in an interval of  7-14 days.

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