Modern Solution for your Beauty and Youth – Placenta!

What do active successful men and women need?
-Keeping themselves healthy and young for a longer time.
-Increasing their beauty and energy.
-Living longer and enjoy life!
Only when we reach a special age, we start to think about our health and the conservation of the youth of our body.

Recently the Japanese scientists have managed to get a quite pure product from placenta, which has no analogue up to now. (“Laennec”)
Thanks to its unique modern technology, the product is highly safe and very effective. This patent medicine is nowadays used in the treatment of many diseases, the rejuvenation of organism and the boost of the immune system.

There are 3 types of use of the Placenta in aesthetic cosmetology:
1. Vein Injections.
2. Intramuscular Injections.
3. Mesotherapy.

You will notice immediate effect and improvement of the condition of your skin directly after the first therapy (mimic wrinkles will be less seen; all pigmentary defects will disappear, the skin will get a fresh color and its elasticity will increase; many other skin problems will disappear, etc.).
For achievement of the maximal rejuvenating effect, it is recommended to combine different ways of introduction of placentary hydrolysate.

Products based on the use of placenta improve the heart function and raise calcium absorption (especially important during menopausal period), stimulate development of insulin and body exchange processes, prevent fixation of salt and cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels.
“Laennec” restores your vital energy, working capacity, psychological stability and significantly improves the quality of your life.

No special skin care needed after the procedure.
Rare side effects (only 3,7 % of patients). Among serious side effects, only allergic reaction to the components can be found.

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