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Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe, it’s almost 3000 years old with a strong character. There were a lot of different conquerors of different coats who wanted to destroy the rebellious city, but left this idea when they realized the importance and beauty of this city.

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I am fascinated by Malaga. Five great civilizations left a brilliant and unforgettable mark on this city. The Phoenicians preserved fish, which you can find below a glass prism in front of the ruins of the Roman Theater, located at the foot of the Alcazaba.

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The Moorish fortress of the eighth century, the Cathedral of Malaga, the Picasso Museum and Carmen Thyssen Museum, costumed in a branch of the Russian Museum and more…

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You can float in space and time infinitely and eventually find solace in a cup of chocolate with churros in the “Aranda” cafeteria.

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With respect and love

Your guide to Malaga and Spain, historian and art critic,

Castro Marina Pareja