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On June 13 club GLOW celebrated the end of the year, a big party for children and their parents. During the school year GLOW FITNESS offered regular classes for the youngsters: dancing, swimming lessons in groups or with a personal trainer, water polo. The kids have worked hard and time has come to see their results. As always, the party was loud and fun, with balloons, clowns, sweets, unforgettable surprises and of course, medals and certificates for the little competitors!

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The end of the year does not mean that GLOW is not prepared for the coming summer season. The club offers children intensive swimming lessons.


Your child does not feel like a fish in water? It’s time to change that! Professional trainers, a friendly atmosphere and most importantly – a pool without chlorine, with an alternative water treatment system without the use of hazardous chemicals.

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This is a great find!

More information about GLOW : http://glowplayasdelduque.com/en