Las Brasas de Alberto

Have you ever thought that the rustic homemade cuisine can also be “gourmet”?! Then this is the place you definitely must visit.

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Located in a beautiful small square near the sea promenade of Estepona centre, “Las Brasas de Alberto” will without any doubt catch your attention with its flavours of the grilled meat! This place is a real discovery for the authentic “carnivores”, fresh homemade food lovers and the real wine experts.

However, we should really start to introduce this place by parts to make you fall in love with it after your first visit!

The Starters. The Gourmet Experience.

– Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce.

The house always offers an invitation starter to its guests to make them start their meal with and have some more time to make their choice.

-Grilled Goat Cheese with Duck Foie and Apple Purée.


A real fine food example with its magic combination of flavours. You will love it even if you don’t consider yourself as a real cheese lover because this goat cheese is considered as the best of Spain and has a very unique taste. Starting from the first plates, you will see that quality is the main characteristic of this place.

-Prawns in the Cream Sauce with Rice.

If you think that the meat restaurants do not have a clue about the fish, then you are completely wrong. “Las Brasas de Alberto” is the restaurant that can surprise even the most demanding lovers of the delicious sea products.

The Real Meat Tradition.

The restaurant will surprise you with the quality and the taste of their meat selection and this is obvious because its owner , Angel Ibañez, is selecting the best prime raw material for their meat menu.


He travels every year around the world to choose the best quality for his restaurant, attending the gastronomic fairs and even the direct meat factories.


The origins of meat are Galicia, Germany, etc.. And if you are a real expert, then you can even order the special Kobe Beef from Japan to enjoy it on place (available only on previous order).

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This special care for the quality explains the taste of meat and makes this place very unique and attractive. We had the pleasure to taste a “Galician T-Bone Steak” and we can objectively say that we have not eaten something so delicious for a long time.

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The Wine Cellar.

As we all know, any good food needs a good wine on the table. “Las Brasas de Alberto” will offer you a great selection of Spanish wines according to your taste.

The “Alaya Tierra 2013″ from Atalaya winery is highly recommended, if you want to taste some cherry flavours in combination with the meat of your choice.


In other words, the story and the quality of the place is far to be finished but this restaurant can be described as “A Real Must Come Back Place”!


Come and Enjoy a meat experience in a warm rustic atmosphere with the high-standard service!

To be continued…


Reservation: (+34) 636 19 27 38 , (+34) 951 70 33 17