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In summer women want to look more beautiful and attractive. And for that we must make a heroic effort. Today, all morning we were in El Corte Ingles, a magical world full of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. We were scavenging for new clothes to go out. It was quite hard work, really. After six hours of shopping: we are happy, tired and hungry.

Someone told us that there is a French bistro in El Corte Ingles- “Le Bistroman”, a new project of Miguel Angel Marinelli. On the second floor, at the end of the IT department, we found it. It is a warm and radiant atmosphere: stuffed comfy chairs, oval tables that encourage conversation and comfortable lighting. The menu offers a wide choice of classic traditional French cuisine, mixing casual with elegance, and also a Sushi Bar, where lovers of Japanese food can enjoy a great oriental offer.

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We started with a glass of French champagne and oysters. Large round dish filled with oysters over ice. An exquisite delicacy!

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After we had ‘’Cod Carpaccio’’. Thin slices of white fish in the form of scales on a round plate, salt, pepper and lemon, of course. The fish is tender and juicy, and not as fatty as salmon. Delicious!

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We enjoyed our fresh sushi and ended with slices of salmon and tuna. It is a real treat.

At the end of the meal, with the second glass of Champagne we are ready for any adventures!


The Bistroman is the place to visit at Puerto! You don’t want to miss it!