HydraFacialтm treatment programs for any occasion and any problem, for women and men

HydraFacialтm is a well known non-surgery skin rejuvenating technology, which is already used in 80 countries around the world.

The first stage of the treatment is the renewing of the skin. The cosmetician will carefully clean your skin using an individual nozzle to take off the dead skin cells and at the same time humidify the skin with a special serum acting directly through the nozzle.

The second stage is the deep skin cleaning. Using a new nozzle, the specialist will eliminate black spots and will fill the skin with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect serum.

The third stage is the protection and the enrichment of the skin. When the skin will be cleaned up and the face will be moisturized, we start to fill the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. The nozzle and the serum will be changed once again.

You will see the result directly after the first procedure:
– The skin is cleaned, the black spots and the inflamations eliminated,
– The skin is moisturized,
– The pores are minimized,
– Small wrinkles are smoothed,
– The skin has solid color and looks fresh,
– The skin is more elastic and firm,
– The pigment spots are less visible.

And all this after the first treatment!

HydraFacialтm technology is suitable for absolutely everybody because it is safe, painless, recommended for any type of skin and any age. The treatment can be done at any time of the year. It does not take a lot of time and can even be done before any important event.

For long lasting results it is recommended to follow a therapy devided into 5-10 sessions.

We are glad to offer you some HydraFacialтm treatment programs for any occasion and any problem, for women and men:

1.HydraFacial – 3D CLEANING – The ‘Hollywood’ method of the skin cleaning, also called “vacuum hydropeeling”. Absolutely painless, comfortable procedure, no rehabilitation period.

2.HydraFacial – NATURAL LIGHT – Due to the continuous combined cleaning, cell extraction and moisturizing process the skin gets shiner and healthy effect. It is an ideal make-up base.

3.HydraFacial – EXPRESS REJUVENATION – This treatment is focused on the restoration of the regenerating processes and the renewing of the skin structures. It helps to restore the water balance, improves microcirculation, raises the tonicity and the skin elasticity.

4.HydraFacial – PROCEDURE OF “THE RED CARPET” – Thanks to the fact that the procedure combines deep face cleaning, mechanical dermabrasion for the reparation of the skin color and the skin structure, the chemical peeling, moisturizing with the serums and the filling of the skin with antioxydant, it provokes an effective complex influence on the skin in the minimal interval of time. Thanks to this, we are getting a remarkable visible result even after one session. An ideal solution for the express treatment before any festive and important event.

5.HydraFacial – CLEAN SKIN – Effective, safe, harmless and painless alternative for any face cleaning cure! The treatment reacts with a notable seboregulating and anti-inflammatory effects, restores the normal skin microflora, avoiding the future restoration and aggravation of the acne problems.

6.HydraFacial – SKIN LIGHTENING – This delicate mechanical exfoliation combined with a soft acid peeling helps to unify the skin color. The efficiency of the program is supplemented with the clarifying action of the used serum components.

7.HydraFacial – NEFERTITI – The gentle and ,at the same time, sensitive area of the neck and the décolleté, the most subject to the age changes, requires special attention and a delicate approach.

8.HydraFacial – GENTLE HANDS – ​It is used both for the preventive treatment and also in the struggle against already existing age changes in the hands area, providing a careful treatment, maintaining its youth and beauty.

9.HydraFacial –SOLUTION FOR MEN – ​Men’s skin structure differs from the women’s one a little: the PH of the skin is lower, the epidermis is thicker, the skin is rougher and ,thus, tends to have more ‘fat content’. The hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands can lead to the formation of the comedones and to provoke different acne problems. Besides that, men’s skin is exposed to daily shaving, which is a constant irritating factor. Considering all these facts, the HydraFacial methods are an ideal solution for an effective and delicate care of the men’s skin.

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