Get fit after the summer with Xavier Marc Nicolas!

Many of us do wrong, thinking that it is necessary to get into good shape only for the summer to show their body on the best Mediterranean beaches. Nevertheless, the health does not go together with the change of the seasons and the end of the holidays is not the moment to stop taking care of yourself, but exactly the other way round.

The nutritionist and personal trainer Xavier Marc Nicolas has kindly accepted to share with us not only his own experience but he has also explained us his way of working to go so far as to obtain the best results.


Having several diplomas of international masters and years of experience behind, Xavier has created his two own concepts of nutrition, the « Befitonly Nutrition « and the « Concept Nutrition France », which represent together an innovative attitude towards the weight loss.


His knowledge of a real expert teaches us that the success of slimming must be divided into 2 essential factors:

–      80 % is the food we eat,

–      20 % is the training.

However, Xavier Marc Nicolas invites us to pay mostly attention to this 80 % that represents our daily nutrition. To determine the problems of weight of each of his clients, a full body analysis must be realized both according to the morphology and the metabolism of each of us. In less serious cases the expert can always see the problematic zones of the patients without any need of the blood testing. In more dangerous situations such as the overweight, which is explicit in case of the observations of more than 25 % of fat in the body, it is impossible to exclude to go through an elaborated blood study to verify the existence of any possible illness.

After this first meeting, Xavier can already see the general situation and he can prepare the special diet for his patient, who must fill a special form with several descriptive information data, such as the age, the weight, the height, the measurements etc.. On the other hand, his client must also make a few photos of his body and he must write down his weight because the most interesting point of the «Befitonly Nutrition» program is that the clients accept to follow a personalized nutritional diet without having the possibility of weighing themselves during the first 2 weeks of diet.


“The most important thing of getting in shape is not the weight, it is the silhouette that is changing in a remarkable way in the only case if the patients follow my rules and my nutrition menu”, our specialist has mentioned to us.

Are you afraid to feel hungry or to feel bad because of taking some ingredients out of your usual nutrition?

In this case there is no need to be worried about anything because this innovative concept allows you to eat healthy food without eliminating the majority of the products that you usually consume. Everything will be calculated according to your metabolism. The only thing you will have to forget about is, of course, the alcohol and the quick-acting sugar. It looks incredible but if you follow Xavier’s program, it is possible to lose up to 14 kilograms in only 3 months! You will be surprised by the results!

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Diet, exercises or both things?!

You can choose your best way of slimming without suffering!

All this can be provided to you by our expert in nutrition and personal trainer, Xavier Marc Nicolas, who does not only work from home in the area of Marbella but also proposes online consultations for the rest of the world with a distance follow-up of the program by e-mail, by phone, by Skype and by WhatsApp.

You do not need to prepare yourself for the summer next year!

Be perfect today and forget about the seasons!


Xavier Marc Nicolas graduated in:

– National Master in Physical Preparation;

– Master in nutrition, sports and therapeutic traumatology;

– Master in nutrition of the “National Academy of Sports Medicine” (Montreal, Canada);

– Master Level 2 in Food Science and Technologies;

– Diploma Reiki;

– Member of the “AFDN” (French Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists), of the “Réseau Apport Santé – Diabaix” (Health Contribution Network), member of the “NASM” (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and member of “ NASM ANTI-AGING ”.

Contact with Xavier Marc Nicolas:

• Whatsapp:    (34) 673-33-16-52

• Facebook:    Befitonly Nutrition / By befitonly/Nutricionista Marbella / Xavier Marc Nicolas