” FLORIAN’S “- Italian with a touch of “à la francaise”

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“FLORIAN’S”–an Italian restaurant with a touch of “à la francaise”

With more than 29 years of experience in the restaurant business, Florian is the perfect example of a chef who loves his profession and expounds his art of cooking every day by creating new flavors and recipes. His first restaurant in Paris “ L’Entrecôte “ (located in the street “ Rue Berri “, adjacent to the famous Champs-Elysées) was giving to Florian the possibility of winning a Michelin star in the “ Best Promise 2009  Award”. Nevertheless, his Spanish roots seem to him more attractive than the glory in the city of Paris. Florian sells the restaurant to live in the lands of his Spanish family and settles down in the Costa del Sol giving us the opportunity of discovering his art of cuisine.


As a result of this change of life opens the restaurant “ Florian’s “ in the Port of Cabopino. “ Florian’s “ is not a typical Italian restaurant with the traditional recipes but it is an Italian restaurant with some French and Mediterranean inspiration. Florian wanted to go out of the common things to show us some of his own creations due to his real passion for the kitchen and for the search of new flavors. To obtain this exquisite mix of products and Italian recipes, Florian has been working in Rome and learnt the Italian cuisine from the greatest Italian chefs, as well as of the famous Italian chef “ Simone Zanoni “ from the restaurant “Trianon” with 2 Michelin stars,  which belongs to Gordon Ramsay in Versailles.


“ Florian’s “ is an Italian restaurant that should be visites by those who know about the stylised gastronomic cuisine and by those who appreciate the unrepeatable flavors. Here all the dishes are prepared from the first quality products and emphasise the magic of the home-made food. “ Florian’s “ is an Italian restaurant adapted to the Andalusian region without losing its touch of creativity.

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We invite you to visit the best Italian restaurant of Cabopino to enjoy some of its exquisite dishes in the serene ambience of the port.


We asked:
“What makes you go on in the world of the restaurants nowadays, Florian?”
And he answered us:
“ Without any doubt, it is the LOVE for the KITCHEN and the PASSION of CREATING. Everything in my restaurant is done with love! ”.