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The old town in Marbella is very small. It takes only an hour of walking to travel all of it. Narrow cobbled streets, balconies with big lace handkerchiefs, beautiful hand fans ofdifferent colours and styles resting on the walls, potted flowers, old churches from the medieval era, the sound of church bells echoing in the area, beautiful cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops of antiquities and other memorable merchandise.You can find a small boutique where you can buy handmade silk dresses, natural Arabian silk blouses, or maybe a tie for your beloved one. Here you can also find a wide selection of clothing for children.


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The heart of the old town iscalled ‘’La Plaza de Naranjos’’. It is a beautiful place with lots of orange trees. At night the quality lighting will make you think you’re in an actual fairytale.

Old Town is a popular place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. InSpain there is a tradition to eat 12 grapes during New Year, a grape for each stroke on the clock. Before New Year,of course, you can appreciate a nice dinner with the whole family. It’s very commonto drink a lot ofchampagne, wine or cider at this time. Being able to see the Old Town full of women in cocktail dresses and gentlemen in white shirts with bow ties is very exotic.

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The food is the main attraction of the square. Breakfast churros with hot chocolate, fresh orange juice and a delicious coffee. At noon we tried thin slices of Iberian ham, sheep cheese and a couple of glasses of good wine, or you can order fried calamari accompanied by a beer if you prefer that. In the afternoon we chose a typical Andalusian meal to enjoy a cuisine rich in seafood, fresh fish, rice and grilled meat … delicious!

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