« Elegance Hair Extensions » – Company dedicated to hair

« Elegance Hair Extensions » is a company dedicated to hair products, from the extensions, the adornments to other accessories, as well as the tools to maintain these products.

The company began to operate in the national territory in 2005 in order to offer to the professionals of the beauty sector a big variety of articles, which allow to change the look easily, by putting at their disposal the best hair extensions in the market.

« Elegance Hair Extensions » is a brand that gives solutions and takes care of the beauty of the hair of every client independently of her age, her life style or her social conditions. At this stage the company focuses on its great collection of hair extensions:

  • exhibition6 extensiones7
  • extensiones1 extensiones2
  • PREBONDED KERATIN EXTENSIONS with flat keratin extremities. They are recommended for long duration.
  • ADHESIVE/TAPE EXTENSIONS, easy to attach to the hair.
  • TIARA also known as thread extensions, which easily fit to the head thanks to an elastic built-in thread.

The “ LUXURY” collection offers some unique products:

  • VIRGIN LUXURY COLLECTION by Elegance Hair Extensions: extensions made 100 % of virgin human hair. The appearance and the tact remain perfect even after many washes.
  • extensiones3 extensiones4 extensiones5
  • HAIR DAZZLE ™: an exclusive product that has revolutionized the ‘looks’ of many celebrities.
  • extensiones10

Thanks to its online shop the company wants to create inspiration and propose unique styles to every person who would be interested in the last fashion trends and the tendency changes.

« Elegance Hair Extensions » strengthens its leadership position by innovatingthe products and by its participation in the most prestigious international fairs of the sector of the hairdressing and the beauty industry. That way, the team of the virtual magazine Marbellastyle.es could personally meet in the Beauty and Hairdressing Salon “ ESTILO MLG 2016 ” the Marketing Manager of the company, BelénMáñezPayá, who made us discover and gave us the opportunity to try all her wonderful products.

salon19 salon20 - Copy

« Elegance Hair Extensions » is in full international expansion in Europe, Middle East, North of Africa, South America and USA. In 2013 the brandstarted with two new product lines: Nails and Make up.

« Elegance Hair Extensions »

 Focuses on the importance of offering quality products for an affordable price for everybody because this way the company wants to help every woman to feel even more beautiful and to feel proud of her hair.

All info: http://www.elegancehairextensions.es/es/

Biologique Recherche Haute Couture


The exclusive skin care program

After many years of researches, “ Biologique Recherche ” has developed a unique skin care program : “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ”.

Based on the experience in the field of exceptional skin care , “ Biologique Recherche ” offers the individualized approach to the development of skin care products.

The program “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” brings together the clinical approach of the company to the beauty care and the personalized program which gives tremendous results.

Similarly to all the other methods of “ Biologique Recherche ”, this outstanding program is based on three main phases – cosmetological evaluation of the skin, the initial phase and the treatment.


The individualized evaluation.

The  singular approach of “ Biologique Recherche ” is based on the absolutely different attention to the skin care treatments.

“ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” allows to follow the dynamic improvement of the skin conditions during a long period of time by the means of the diagnostics machine “ Skin Instant Lab ”, which will make an analysis according to the temporary, seasonal rhythms, day time and night cycles.

The program starts with an initial evaluation which will be provided by the “ Biologique Recherche ”expert. The specialist will that way prepare the precise dermo-cosmetic diagnosis with the aim to define the specific skin problems.

The evaluation consists of visual inspection, the questionnaire, the consultation of the client needs, as well as the very careful analysis.

The analisys with the “ Skin Instant Lab ” machine defines:

– the moisture level of the skin;

– the excretion level;

– the transepidermal loss of water;

– the elasticity;

– the tonification;

– the melanin index;

– the wrinkles depth.

The following assessment of the skin condition will be done after 6 months, in the end of the “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” program. Basing on the skin test the “BR” expert will recommend a personalized skin care program to follow at home, as well as the following treatment procedures to performn in the clinic.

Every set of products contains 2 creams and 3-8 serums made according to special formulas.

The sets also contain instructions for the application of the products with the indication of the quantity of the product necessary for each application.

The new set of “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” products  is delivered monthly.

Our products “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” are made of active components (we use more than 60 components). These must solve the most frequent skin problems:

– Moisturising;

– Elasticity;

– Fats;

– Free radicals;

– Age spots;

– Transepidermal water loss;

– Wrinkles;

– Seborrhea;

– Inflammations.


The consultation with the“ Biologique Recherche ” expert will help to define the specific problems of your skin. Then, according to this assessment and the data analysis , we will create for you the special “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” program.

Preparation phase (1-st month)

During the period between the consultation and the delivery of the first “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” products set, we need one month to prepare your skin for the further treatmet. This phase of preparation allows you to strengthen and calm your skin by means of  “ Biologique Recherche ” skin care products . As a result your skin will be ready for the treatment in the best conditions.

Inductive phase (2-nd month)

After one month of skin condition diagnostics you receive the personalized skin care program. This phase is connected to the first phase of the soft treatment appropriate for the specific needs of the client.

Soon your skin will be ready to receive more intensive treatment which can become the optimal part of the program.

Maintaining phase (3-rd – 5-th month)

This  phase was created for the solution of deep skin problems.

Leveling phase (6-th month)

The last two sets of products stabilize your skin condition. The skin condition was improved and soon the problems will be eliminated.

The final assessment

During all the phases of the program, the clinic will prepare meetings to make sure that the treatment is going properly and the program is working according to the noticeable changes.


Contact : http://graalclinicpuertobanus.com/

phone: +34 951 21 70 41




“Crème Contour Yeux et Lèvres Biofixine”


It is a special cream for the eyes and the lips contour. Smoothing and tightening the skin, filling the wrinkles around the lips.  The result will be a tonified, moisturized and elastic skin.

RECOMMENDED for the dehydrated skin with signs of aging.

Action:  It Smoothes and Reduces the wrinkles around the eyes and the lips, Restores the natural moisturizing condition around the eyes and the lips, Tonifies, Makes the skin more elastic and tight. The cream fills the lips and makes the contour of the mouth more correct.

Directions for use: Apply in the morning a small amount of the cream “Contour Yeux et Lèvres Biofixine” on the cleansed skin of the eyes and the lips contour with a smooth massage for its complete absorption.

“Crème Masque Vernix”


The very first protection of the newborn skin has inspired a team of scientists to create the composition of the “Cream-Mask Vernix”. The possibility of the action of both the cream and the mask combined in this unique innovative product. Restoration of the epidermis due to the « second rebirth of the skin ». Its rich formula includes lipids, proteins and antioxidant peptides.

Action: It Restores and Moisturizes the epidermis, Raises the regenerating cells functions, Smoothes the small wrinkles, which have appeared because of the skin dehydration process. The product also Strengthens the protection barriers of the epidermis and Gives to the skin visible softness and elasticity.

Directions for use: On the face, the neck and the décolleté, avoiding the eyes contour.


To achieve a therapeutic action and intensive regeneration of the epidermis, apply  “Vernix” during 3 months in the evening as a night cream after the 3R serum.

During the periods of negative influence on the epidermis of the external factors such as cold and dry climate, apply “Vernix” as a mask. Apply a thick layer and leave it act on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Remove it with a damp cotton.

RECOMMENDED for the dehydrated and tired condition of the skin.


“Crème Préparation U.V.”

Very modern treatment nowadays. This cream is not a sun-protection product. It prepares the skin for the sun exposure. It Stimulates the skin natural sunbathing effects, Prevents the pigmentary spots appearance, Prevents the skin aging caused by influence of the external radical effects.

big_0 graal1


Action:  It prepares the skin for the sun exposure, Allows to receive an easy natural tan without exposing the skin to long influence of the harmful sun rays. It fights the radical aggressions.

Directions for use: This cream is not a sun-protection product. Apply it in the morning and the evening on the face, the neck and the decollete areas approximately one month before the sun exposure. If necessary, you can apply it right after your basic cream.


You can purchase these products and consult  :

Graal Clinic Aesthetic Medicine
Cristamar Business Centre, Local B-73
29660 Puerto Banús, Marbella
+34 951 21 70 41



Are you living in Marbella or you are planning to come over to enjoy the best beach lifestyle and the night life of the Costa Del Sol?

Do you wish to look just perfect among the beautiful people and fashionable places?

Or would you just like to “IMPROVE WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YA”?

Then your place is the GOLDENTARTS BANUS beauty salon where a young and dynamic team of beauty specialists will make your wish come true.


Your goal is their reality !

GOLDENTARTS is a new modern concept of giving beauty treatments and care that was created by its founder and owner Sarah Carter, as a sunbathing shop at its start in La Cala de Mijas. However its growing success due to the work with one Famous British Reality Show, luxurious events and private villa parties leads the salon to a completely new trendy and high quality level. Since then GOLDENTARTS moves to the luxurious area of Puerto Banus to insure the services that people are asking for.

golden2 golden10

Its  demanding clients coming from Scandinavia, America, Great Britain and other countries know that they will always receive the attention that they were looking for because they do not care to make a few more kilometres to come here. GOLDENTARTS clientele is expanding from Benalmadena to Gibraltar which shows the real quality of their work. The team takes care of your hair, make up, nails, hands, tanning, face/body treatments and much more as well as some great combined beauty packages to make you look just perfect for your wedding, special events or just a romantic dinner.

Do not forget that GOLDENTARTS can also offer you the opportunity to become a specialist in beauty business thanks to its training academy, GOLDENTARTS BEAUTY SCHOOL.

The team of Marbellastyle.es had the great chance to try some of the beauty services such as Make-Up, Facial Treatment and Nails and we are happy to share our experience with you cause we left the salon just as happy as a woman can be and feel.

Our treatments:

-make up by Max: great smoky eyes with brown tones, beautiful feminine lips – just perfect for a great event or a special dinner.


-nails by Ella: CND Shellac with new trends of the season – metallic, bright and nude colours.

golden5 golden17

-1 hour beauty facial by Steph.

golden7 - Copy golden9 - Copy

In that case, we are glad to introduce you how a perfect facial treatment would look like thanks to the tips of the specialist.
Here are the steps to follow:

*Massage: the specialist starts with some pressures on the shoulders to relax the client.

*1st cleansing: slow movements on the face, neck and the decollete finishing with a sponge of warm water to remove the make up.

*Exfoliation stage: simple motions with a scrub to remove the dead skin finishing with some water.

*2nd cleansing: removing the exfoliation with some water again.

*Skin Toning: to balance the Ph of the skin and resfresh.

*Eye Massage: lymphatic drainage to stimulate the circulation. A relaxing procedure which allows to take off the effect of dark circles.

*Face, Neck and Decollete Massage.

*Mask: to close up the pores in combination with a scalp massage for relaxation. The mask is cleaned up with cold water to wake the skin up.



N.B.: “KAESO” products mainly used.


This team of beauty artists are young professionals and great people. They are the ones who create this generous and gentle atmosphere of GOLDENTARTS!


And to finish your transformation, visit their in-house boutique “Beau Beaus” to pick some beach wear or just a dress for tonight.



Special thanks to Sarah Carter, Max, Steph, Ella, Sally, Anouska and all others.

Address: Calle Jesus Puente 22-23, Puerto Banus.

Tel: (+34)952-811-820

Amazing program : Bio-reconstruction !

Bio-reconstruction of the skin tissues is not only a program for bio-revitalisation of the skin, but it is also and firstly the program which aims to rejuvenate and restore skin vital resources. In its creation there are long scientific and clinical researches directed to define the changes of the skin due to the age and also to search the means, which can affect these transformations.

The main task are the long-lasting support of the restoration processes and the sustenance of the natural structure of the tissues.
As many researches have shown, hyaluronic acid together with the nucleotides reach more effective results, providing regeneration of the skin tissues.

At the moment the trand of the skin tissues restoration is the serum called PRHISMA. It is the depurated collagen for the intraskin injections with the objective of achievement of the skin lifting.

The special technics of the extraction gives the guarantee of safety of the use of PRHISMA, excluding that way сytotoxity and irritation of the skin.
It does not require any preliminary test before its application.
The absence of the side effects makes out of this product a new therapeutic concept in the aesthetic medicine.
This product possesses the greatest percent of collagen of the first type (32 %), existing at the moment in medicine for the injection type applications.

The transformation properties of PRHISMA go over the properties of any other product in aesthetic medicine both in its intensity and in the speed of its influence. The results can be seen already on the next day: the skin is tightened, small wrinkles disappear, the turgor and the natural healthy color restored. During the procedure the zones of the face, the neck, the decollete and the hands are all covered. The method of the injection is the same as in deep mesotherapy treatment.

The program of bioreconstruction of the skin tissues is being developed individually for each patient, according to the condition of the skin, the age and taking all the previous medical aesthetic interventions into consideration. The bioreconstruction treatment is created on a combination of alternated injections of the hyaluronic acids and the collagen. The program of the bioreconstruction can also be applied on the young patients.

Thanks to this program, the following problems can be solved:
– Pronounced skin dehydration;
– Cicatricial defects;
– Preparation for the traumatic cosmetic/plastic procedures, operations and rehabilitation after them;
– Chronic and photoageing;
– Photodamage.

Make an appointment at  http://graalclinicpuertobanus.com/en/

Graal Clinic Aesthetic Medicine
Cristamar Business Centre, Local B-73
29660 Puerto Banús, Marbella
+34 951 21 70 41

Peeling at GRAAL

Biorevitalizing peeling PRX-T33

We ,women, know how important it is to perform rejuvenating peelings of our skin. However living in a sunny country we are also afraid of negative consequences after the peeling because of the sunrays. Italian dermatologist, Rossana Castellana, developed a new peeling especially elaborated for residents of southern countries.

Chemical peeling PRX-T33 is the advanced formula of the TCA-peeling, which includes 33% of ТСА, peroxide of hydrogen and 5% of kojic acid. Thanks to that, this new peeling is not as ‘aggressive’ as the pure ТСА acid.It penetrates very fast to the dermis activating regenerative process. On the other hand, the peeling also moisturizes skin tissues and stimulates its regeneration.

How does it work?
PRX-T33 enables stimulation of dermal fibroblasts and of the growth factors without causing any inflammation of the skin or any tissue damages . It does not provoke any skin shedding. It can be applied no matter the season as it does not increase sensitivity of the skin towards the sun beams. It is is suitable for all the skin phototypes.

Peeling PRX-T33 is a unique method against:
– Ageing (operates against skin sagging, improving physical appearance without damaging it)
– Signs of the face skin photoageing  (dryness, pigmentation)
– Scars (after acne)
– Stretch marks
– Against Seborrheic Dermatitis
– Face skin hyperkeratosis

It is used as auxiliary remedy for increasing the results of laser and radio-frequency rejuvenating treatments.


Potentially aggressive peeling becomes an nonivasive sparing procedure. The innovative formula allows to perform the procedures more often, which raises the level of its efficiency.

Considering the newest advanced scientific developments in the field of aesthetic medicine we are offering in our clinic the realization of the PRX-peeling procedure in combination with simultaneous injections of vitamin plasmalifting, collagen and hyaluronic acids for the achievement of the best results.

Depending the problem, it is recommended from 3 up to 7 sessions in an interval of  7-14 days.

Contact : +34 951 21 70 41

Graal Clinic Medicina Estética
Centro de Negocios Cristamar, Local B-73
29660 Puerto Banús, Marbella

HydraFacialтm treatment programs for any occasion and any problem, for women and men

HydraFacialтm is a well known non-surgery skin rejuvenating technology, which is already used in 80 countries around the world.

The first stage of the treatment is the renewing of the skin. The cosmetician will carefully clean your skin using an individual nozzle to take off the dead skin cells and at the same time humidify the skin with a special serum acting directly through the nozzle.

The second stage is the deep skin cleaning. Using a new nozzle, the specialist will eliminate black spots and will fill the skin with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect serum.

The third stage is the protection and the enrichment of the skin. When the skin will be cleaned up and the face will be moisturized, we start to fill the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. The nozzle and the serum will be changed once again.

You will see the result directly after the first procedure:
– The skin is cleaned, the black spots and the inflamations eliminated,
– The skin is moisturized,
– The pores are minimized,
– Small wrinkles are smoothed,
– The skin has solid color and looks fresh,
– The skin is more elastic and firm,
– The pigment spots are less visible.

And all this after the first treatment!

HydraFacialтm technology is suitable for absolutely everybody because it is safe, painless, recommended for any type of skin and any age. The treatment can be done at any time of the year. It does not take a lot of time and can even be done before any important event.

For long lasting results it is recommended to follow a therapy devided into 5-10 sessions.

We are glad to offer you some HydraFacialтm treatment programs for any occasion and any problem, for women and men:

1.HydraFacial – 3D CLEANING – The ‘Hollywood’ method of the skin cleaning, also called “vacuum hydropeeling”. Absolutely painless, comfortable procedure, no rehabilitation period.

2.HydraFacial – NATURAL LIGHT – Due to the continuous combined cleaning, cell extraction and moisturizing process the skin gets shiner and healthy effect. It is an ideal make-up base.

3.HydraFacial – EXPRESS REJUVENATION – This treatment is focused on the restoration of the regenerating processes and the renewing of the skin structures. It helps to restore the water balance, improves microcirculation, raises the tonicity and the skin elasticity.

4.HydraFacial – PROCEDURE OF “THE RED CARPET” – Thanks to the fact that the procedure combines deep face cleaning, mechanical dermabrasion for the reparation of the skin color and the skin structure, the chemical peeling, moisturizing with the serums and the filling of the skin with antioxydant, it provokes an effective complex influence on the skin in the minimal interval of time. Thanks to this, we are getting a remarkable visible result even after one session. An ideal solution for the express treatment before any festive and important event.

5.HydraFacial – CLEAN SKIN – Effective, safe, harmless and painless alternative for any face cleaning cure! The treatment reacts with a notable seboregulating and anti-inflammatory effects, restores the normal skin microflora, avoiding the future restoration and aggravation of the acne problems.

6.HydraFacial – SKIN LIGHTENING – This delicate mechanical exfoliation combined with a soft acid peeling helps to unify the skin color. The efficiency of the program is supplemented with the clarifying action of the used serum components.

7.HydraFacial – NEFERTITI – The gentle and ,at the same time, sensitive area of the neck and the décolleté, the most subject to the age changes, requires special attention and a delicate approach.

8.HydraFacial – GENTLE HANDS – ​It is used both for the preventive treatment and also in the struggle against already existing age changes in the hands area, providing a careful treatment, maintaining its youth and beauty.

9.HydraFacial –SOLUTION FOR MEN – ​Men’s skin structure differs from the women’s one a little: the PH of the skin is lower, the epidermis is thicker, the skin is rougher and ,thus, tends to have more ‘fat content’. The hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands can lead to the formation of the comedones and to provoke different acne problems. Besides that, men’s skin is exposed to daily shaving, which is a constant irritating factor. Considering all these facts, the HydraFacial methods are an ideal solution for an effective and delicate care of the men’s skin.

Make an appointment : http://graalclinicpuertobanus.com/en/contacto.html




Marbella Beauty Academy (MBA)

Have you ever dreamed to learn more about beauty tips for yourself?
And have you ever thought that this could be possible in one of the most incredible places in the world? The answer is Yes!


Giselle Beck-Davies and her Marbella Beauty Academy (MBA)  can give you this opportunity. Just like us, Giselle loves Costa Del Sol with its magic atmosphere and just like us she perfectly knows how important it is to look perfect and to be professional in this luxurious society and high standard lifestyle.


Marbella Beauty Academy is a certified college, created in 2007, that focuses on training highly qualified beauty and cosmetology specialists such as make-up artists, hairdressers, beauty and health therapists according to the best standards of the XXIst century. MBA provides to its students recognised international certificates that open to them the door to the professional beauty industry with the standards of 5 stars companies and spas, cruise ships, health farms, hotels, beauty salons, ski resorts, teaching, cosmetic surgeries and many others.

ba11 ba4

MBA offers the following qualifications:
-C.I.B.T.A.C (The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)
-B.A.B.T.A.C (The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)
-A.B.T (The Association of Beauty Therapists)
MBA gives you the chance to learn more about beauty for yourself or become a real professional!


Choose out of the main cosmetology and beauty therapy courses that match your expectations:
-Beauty Therapy LEVEL 2 & 3: make-up, skin treatments, eye treatments, manicure/pedicure, waxing, body massage, etc.
-Fashion & Photographic Make-up LEVEL 3: portfolio, high fashion, bridal, catwalk, special effect, commercial, etc.
-Hairdressing LEVEL 2 & 3: styling, scalp treatments, cutting, colouring, Brazilian Keratine, Indian Head Massage, etc.
MBA also gives you the opportunity to follow your beauty course with any of their extra or post graduation modules, such as stones massage, eye lashes extensions, UV gel manicure, reflexology, tanning, fashion photographic make-up and many others.

The MBA team consists of professional tutors:
-Giselle Beck-Davies, principal of the MBA college.
-Jane O’Brien, head tutor of the academy responsible for beauty therapy course.
-Georgia Beck-Davies, CIBTAC beauty therapist, stylist and personal shopper.
-Alex Maloney, the hairdresser class tutor.
-Helen Kitson, reflexology tutor.
-Liza Mayne and Faye Kilcourse, make-up artists.
This great team of specialists will give you the chance to become real beauty masters. Many of their students got high standard jobs in beauty industry as professional make-up artists, assistants in cosmetic surgery clinics and managers in 5 star ski resort, boutique hotel, cruise ship, 5 star SPA centre. Giselle and Jane, who have themselves over 20 years of experience in beauty business and the managing of 5* spas, will share with you their experience and lead you during the course. They will help you to become successful in the world of beauty.

ba2 ba3

ba1 ba6


ba15 ba5

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of this college are the warm atmosphere of this place and the kindness of the tutors. They welcome you with a smile and they let you go from the academy as a real beauty specialist because MBA is not only an international beauty academy. Marbella Beauty Academy is Spain’s Premier Beauty Academy, Spain’s Premier CIBTAC and BIBTAC College. We have to mention that the academy was nominated as Finalist for the Best Beauty College and the Best Tutor (Jane O’Brien) Worldwide. Therefore MBA provides to its students the highest standards for the future thanks to the most professional team!


The classes are given in English language and are open to students from all over the world. You can get the best beauty courses in the most sunny place of Spain and, possibly, the whole Europe. The prices for this high quality education are more than affordable. Therefore there is no obstacle to make your dreams come true.

MBA is not only a college, it is a whole social and human project. MBA students and tutors create first of all a friendship link between them. They work in the atmosphere of collaboration for their common passion .
For them, college is more than a concept of education. It is a concept of human relationships and generosity in life and in the professional world. These qualities explains the participation of MBA in Charity Events in aid of the CUDECA Foundation.

Do you care about your future and would you like to work with people? Then it is time to make your plan for 2016 from now on. Learning more about beauty for yourself or finding out your new devotion in life can be a great idea!? Why not trying Marbella Beauty Academy?

You will be surprised by the atmosphere and the team of MBA




Modern Solution for your Beauty and Youth – Placenta!

What do active successful men and women need?
-Keeping themselves healthy and young for a longer time.
-Increasing their beauty and energy.
-Living longer and enjoy life!
Only when we reach a special age, we start to think about our health and the conservation of the youth of our body.

Recently the Japanese scientists have managed to get a quite pure product from placenta, which has no analogue up to now. (“Laennec”)
Thanks to its unique modern technology, the product is highly safe and very effective. This patent medicine is nowadays used in the treatment of many diseases, the rejuvenation of organism and the boost of the immune system.

There are 3 types of use of the Placenta in aesthetic cosmetology:
1. Vein Injections.
2. Intramuscular Injections.
3. Mesotherapy.

You will notice immediate effect and improvement of the condition of your skin directly after the first therapy (mimic wrinkles will be less seen; all pigmentary defects will disappear, the skin will get a fresh color and its elasticity will increase; many other skin problems will disappear, etc.).
For achievement of the maximal rejuvenating effect, it is recommended to combine different ways of introduction of placentary hydrolysate.

Products based on the use of placenta improve the heart function and raise calcium absorption (especially important during menopausal period), stimulate development of insulin and body exchange processes, prevent fixation of salt and cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels.
“Laennec” restores your vital energy, working capacity, psychological stability and significantly improves the quality of your life.

No special skin care needed after the procedure.
Rare side effects (only 3,7 % of patients). Among serious side effects, only allergic reaction to the components can be found.

For more information, contact the specialists of Graal Clinic:


Revolution in contouring plastic treatments!

Fillers Ellanse – revolution in contouring plastic treatments!

Development of face fillers “Ellanse” by the Dutch company AqtisMedicalBV is responsible for the creation of the newest dermal fillers. Ellanse products are at the same time augmenting the tissue and reacting as stimulators for the formation of new collagen.

The main objectives of the contouring plastic procedures Ellanse are:
— Filling deep wrinkles and skin areas with depressions

— Correction of the face shape

— Augmentation of the skin tissue (reconstruction of the soft tissues volume)

— Bio engineering of the skin (stimulation of development of new collagen)

The line “Ellanse” are products for patients who have an accelerated elimination of the fillers based on the hylauronic acids, but also for those who are looking for a stable long-term cosmetic effect. The  fillers can also be offered as alternative for such patients, for whom it is not recommended to use hylauronic acids injection.

Ellanse was awarded by the international agency  “Frost& Sullivan” in nomination «The Most Innovating Dermal Filler 2011».
There are a few different variations of the product. It allowes to choose the durability of the effect and to supervise the durability of its presence in the tissue for a better control of its effect.

There is a choice of durability of the effect from 1 to 4 years. Usually it is recommended to start with 1-2 years durability of the results.
No primary skin testing needed. Ellanse products are absolutely hypo-allergenic.
Ellance Fillers do not provoke or cause appearance of the hypostases during all the treatment.
Longer effect.
Small hematomas are possible after the procedure.

Introduction of Ellance can be combined with various physiotherapeutic methods (photorejuvenating, RF-lifting, body-care procedures such as massage, microcurrents, etc.), as well as with different methods of introduction of hylauronic acids (other fillers, biorevitalization, bio engineering), botox, meso and tensor threads.

Consult with  Doctor Elena Arias at http://www.graalclinicpuertobanus.com/en/