Yul – the Generous Provoker!


Yul Hanchas and his work surprise us day by day.

The love for art was given to Yul by his father Nik Hanchas , also painter and Artist of Honour of Ukraine, who gave to Yul the opportunity to create and reinvent art with his unique style of volumetric painting.

His personality is especially interesting and popular in our eyes thanks to his great sense of humour, his colourfull and unique style in clothes, his gentleman qualities, well-known by most of the women of the Costa Del Sol , Spain and definitely over its boarders, his bewitching intimidating eyes and of course his creative art works, which delight already Israel, Ukraine, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, USA and now Spain.



1. Who is Yul Hanchas according to Yul himself ?
-Yul Hanchas is an ingenious artist, blessed with good luck and the generous provoker.

2. What is your distinctive feature or how could we recognise Yul Hanchas in the street?
-Tall man with exemplary beauty and his painted trousers.


3. Why did you choose Spain for living and what does admire you in Spanish people and the traditions of this country?
-Spain has chosen me. It took care of me, fed me up, gave me to drink and made of me a famous Spanish artist. In Spanish people Yul loves, just as Yul can do, their skill to love and enjoy life, hot temperament and great sense of humour.


4. Your favourite places in Spain, food & drinks?
-Yul loves ,just as Yul can love, Madrid and its suburbs, his hometown Mijas, Malaga and Tarifa.I can not follow with my road or day if I smell paella. And wine, which brands I will not name, but must be red and dry, and of course brandy Lepanto, in a hot glass in a cold Spanish winter.


5. What or who inspires you today?
-I feel inspired by Bosch, Dalí, Pollock, Picasso, Van Gogh and the beautiful clever women.

6. How did your paintings change from the beginning of your artwork and why?
-I am in constant search. I am unpredictable even for myself. For me the main thing is to be different from the others. Therefore Yul is creating, just as Yul can do, something new and the pictures change as often, as my mood goes.


7. How does a usual day start and end for Yul?
-It begins usually heavier than it finishes. Constant interesting visitors and friends make part of my evenings. And in the morning, before my cup of coffee and my bicycle ride, I really regret, just as Yul can do, everything about the last evening with all the respects.

8.Like whom and where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?
-Like a monument in the center of Madrid,  built and created by Zurab Konstantines dze Tsereteli)). But to be serious now, I’d like to see myself as a demanded and worldwide successful artist.



1. If I was not Yul Hanchas, I would be … Charlie Chaplin.

1 2

2. In the childhood I dreamed to be… Indian actor.

3. My favourite bad habit is… wisely and correctly using the bad words.

4. What was the strangest compliment I’ve ever heard?
-Hanchas – you are F***ing good.

5. For what can I be loved?
-For everything.

6. What can drive me out of my mind?
-Hypocrisy and lies into my eyes when I really know the truth. And an awful smell of armpits.


7. If on the planet there were no women …?
-I would not be born.

8. Magic power, which I would like to possess?
-To never feel hang-over ever.


The pictures used in the photoshooting were provided by Tamisa Gallery in Mijas , where you can see and buy them.

Marbella! Enjoy and get inspired!

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