LA CABANE – A unique experience by the seashore!

The wonderful Costa Del Sol is not only a paradise located in one of the most dazzling coasts of Spain but it is also a destination full of luxury and elegance. Each visitor of this oasis would notice and would stay amazed by the great choice of hotels, shops, restaurants, cultural activities, events and of course beach clubs, which perfectly represent our daily lifestyle that we enjoy here during the whole year. Nevertheless, among all this incredible selection of places and services we always want to guide our readers to the most exclusive places that would definitely make a memory.
Today we would like to introduce you a really unique place where both couples or families would be able to enjoy an unforgettable journey with some incredible panoramic sea views because the luxurious grand hotel “LOS MONTEROS SPA & GOLF RESORT” offers you every summer a 5 stars’ seaside experience in its beach club “LA CABANE”
If you have been looking for a place to relax and to enjoy an unrepeatable day in a modern and sophisticated environment, then you have to visit “LA CABANE” for the following 4 main reasons that we found according to our own experience: 
1.    “LA CABANE” because you can choose your luxurious way of enjoying your day!
This beach club has 3 types of sunbeds to enjoy both in a couple or with friends as well as your family. You can choose between sunbeds or beach huts. All of them have sea view and towels (included). And for the lovers of the intimacy, you have been prepared some VIP beds, which allow to enjoy a private area of the beach club with a bottle of champagne, a dish of fruits, some special services, refreshing towels and much more. Choose the experience that corresponds to your needs!
cabane17 cabane23
2.    “LA CABANE” because Costa Del Sol is a sea destination!
The location of the club allows not only to enjoy the wonderful swimming pool but also, like we have already mentioned, it allows you to enjoy the beach and the sea at the same time. Choose to go down only 5 steps to have a bath in the Mediterranean sea or keep on enjoying the swimming pool with the same wonderful views.
3.    “LA CABANE” because it has style and design!
Both the beach club and the hotel “LOS MONTEROS SPA & GOLF RESORT” will surprise you with its architecture and its mix of modern and at the same time luxurious design details. The white colour and the minimalist style without forgetting about the fountain and the tropical influences will take you out of the city chaos to give place to a paradisiac experience. Here, everything is done to make you feel privileged.
4.    “LA CABANE” because you like to eat luxurious food!
This beach club has two gastronomic spaces.
The Snack-Bar next to the swimming pool allows to enjoy some exquisite cocktails and also some light dishes specially prepared to eat it both in the bar and at the sunbeds.
The exclusive Restaurant of “LA CABANE” offers you every summer a special ‘Gourmet’ BUFFET that will make you taste an incredible selection of more than 60 recipes of national and international cuisine for a fixed price of  88 euros per adult and 45 euros for children (drinks not included).
cabane2 cabane6
The Buffet is divided into several parts:
– The Cold Starters: cooked seafood, ham, marinated salmon, salads, gazpacho, etc.
– The Rice Table invites you to taste the best vegetables paella or the fish and seafood paella.
– The Main Course Table. Its menu is changing all the time and it can offer you a few meat main courses such as the roasted veal, the roast chicken or a lamb leg accompanied with a selection of warm adds to choose according to your taste …
cabane4 cabane8 cabane11 cabane21
cabane5 cabane9 cabane10
– The Most Luxurious is offered to you by the “cooking show” that offers the best selection of fish, meat and of course the best seafood to cook on the grill or the barbecue style. Enjoy your experience in the beach club to the maximum by tasting some lobsters and the best wine without forgetting again about the wonderful sea views!
– The Desserts and The Cheeses will find without any doubt its place even on the tables of those, who are looking after their diet, because you will not be able to finish your lunch without trying one of those sweet creations.
cabane12 cabane14
Do you need any more reason to escape to “LA CABANE”?
Then we can tell you that the sea club “LA CABANE” can become your own place because it gives you a unique opportunity during the whole year to celebrate your wedding and your special events reserving “LA CABANE” only for yourself.
cabane30 cabane31 cabane32 cabane34
Get in touch with the responsible of the events of the hotel and she will take charge of everything to make out of your event something that all your guest could be jealous of!
Do you want to enjoy a completely different day as well as we lived it ourselves?
Then reserve from now on your stay in the most elegant place next to the sea “LA CABANE”.Then you will be able yourselves to add to it some more reasons to visit it or simply to put it in your agenda for the next summer vacation.
Address: C/ Jabalí s/n | Urbanización Los Monteros, 29603, Marbella, Esp aña
Opening hours:
·       «Club La Cabane»:
April, May and October: from Wednesday to Sunday 11.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.
June, July, August and September: Open every day from 11.00a.m. to 19.00 p.m.
*Our opening hours can be changed without any previous notification because of the weather reasons or any private event.
·       «Restaurant La Cabane»:
“A la carte” Menu: from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 16.00.
Grand Buffet in La Cabane *: Saturdays and Sundays from 13.00 to 16.00.
* Every Day in August.
Snack Bar every day from 13:00 to 16:00.


BIOPARC – a hidden animal paradise in the heart of Fuengirola.

If you have ever thought that beautiful Costa Del Sol is only a paradise destination for people like you and me, then you are completely wrong because we invite you to visit the town of Fuengirola, located in the heart of the Costa Del Sol between Malaga and Marbella. Walking around the town with its big choice of good restaurants located especially in the so-called “Hunger Street”, enjoying the port side and the long sea promenade, visiting its castle with amazing views to the Mediterranean, something very special would catch your attention right in the centre of the city near the famous “Plaza de Toros”. This very unique and unusual detail would be the big Baobab tree –  symbol of the small hidden animal paradise “Fuengirola BIOPARC”.

biopark1 biopark12

biopark10 biopark13

“BIOPARC” is one of the best zoo’s in Europe because of its unique concept and its creative design, which allow to each of the guests to travel during their visit to the tropical worlds of Africa and Asia.

    biopark4 biopark9

If you have ever dreamt to travel to one of these continents? Then this is your special chance to do it without leaving the sunny Costa Del Sol or booking some thousands kilometers trip. Fortunately the sun here is almost the same as at the most tropical corners.


Walking through the paths of the tropical wild atmosphere of the park, you will not only be able to discover its vegetation (tropical plants, flowers, trees) but you will also be able to meet the real habitants of this site, the wild animals. The park distinguishes from the other zoo’s because it offers the possibility to share the space and to observe from the inside the life of all these different species, which unfortunately most of them are in danger of extinction such as gorillas and the Sumatran tigers.

biopark16 biopark17

This makes of the zoo a unique inmersion experience divided in 4 different natural habitats representing:
-Madagascar Island with the famous lemurs;

-Equatorial Africa with the funny suricates and the curious chimpanzees;

 biopark14 IMG_1402
-Southeast Asia with the unique prehistoric crocodiles;

biopark11 biopark5
-And the Indo-Pacific zone, with the famous Komodo dragons and the giant Galapagos turtles.


“BIOPARC” has also a series of activities prepared both for the young and the adult visitors to make them discover the interesting details of the tropical nature and the curious life of the animals. One cafetería and a shop are also available in the park to make you enjoy the experience in the most comfortable way and to make you take with yourself something that would remind you this unique tropical “trip”.

 biopark3 biopark8

Nothing more to say! Just come and visit the zoo that has been transporting its visitors for over 15 years to the beautiful world of Nature!

Come and fall in love with this small tropical paradise where the main words of each of the persons working in the zoo is: “WE LOVE ANIMALS”!




Last weekend ( the 28th and the 29th of May 2016) the luxurious and exclusive circuit of the region of Ronda “ Ascari “ prepared a great luxurious cars event, organized by INCA Company.

ascari1 ascari4

ascari10 ascari22

It was a really unique event for the province of Malaga because it has brought together, on the biggest track of Formula1 of Spain, at the same time not only an exhibition and the selling of exclusive cars, but also a whole series of different activities specially prepared in the same circuit. These activities included the possibility of test-drive of the race cars as a co-pilot, the competitions of the racing cars, the test-drive and the presentation of the new “Ligier JS P3 Nissan” and much more.

ascari5 ascari6 ascari9

ascari7 ascari11

The presented luxurious cars were the famous brands such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Viper, Scotty, Bugatti and Bentley, among many others.

ascari20 ascari21


The renowned car dealer and company “Guarnieri” showed at Salon Spain 2016 a unique brand, known only by the real experts  – ”PAGANI HUAYRA”.


It is a super sports car, which has been created by the Italian car company “Pagani”, founded by the Argentinian Horacio Pagani. “ Huayra”, which means “wind” in the ancient Quechua language, is the prefect name for this car that reaches a speed up to 386 km/h with its Mercedes-Benz AMG motor. A real luxury that must be prepared according to the requests of every special client to become really unique!

ascari13 ascari14

The Ascari Circuit was the perfect election of place for the organization of this great event. All the participants could discover the high class of this circuit that offers a big variety of services to the lovers of the racing cars. Nevertheless, Ascari is also an ideal leisure place both for the individual Ascari Club members and for the families because it offers a series of activities to enjoy in the complex.

ascari16 ascari29 ascari30

The authentic Andalusian environment, its wonderful views to the mountains, the aromas of the Spring flowers and a charming ambience of rural Spain were emphasizing better than nobody the beauty of these luxurious cars! 

ascari24 ascari26

Discover the magic of a butterfly!

Benalmadena, one of the most touristic towns of the Costa Del Sol, has a lot to offer to its visitors. The coastal zone, Benalmadena Costa, invites to discover the beaches with  some water activities, restaurants, hotels and other leisure and vacation services.
And nevertheless, the upper part of the Benalmadena Pueblo, with its panoramic views has a very unique hidden place where you will discover the magic of the butterflies.

mariposa6 mariposa33

This place is ” El Mariposario ” of Benalmadena, a real temple of the magic nature, built in a unique Asian style and located next to the Buddhist Temple.

Do you know the real world of the butterflies?

“El Mariposario” gives you this opportunity because each of the visitors, big and small, can discover it with the butterflies during all the visit, sharing their natural space.

mariposa23 mariposa31

This makes out of this zoological complex an unforgettable experience. Walking along a small tropical forest, created with decorative plants, you are going to discover between 1.500 and 2.000 butterflies of more than 100 different species.

mariposa8 mariposa11

mariposa18 mariposa14 mariposa22 mariposa20 mariposa28

They will flutter around you and they might also sit down in your hands to get to know you better. If you are the lucky ones of course! You will see all of them fly;  you will also see them asleep, when the newborn ones will be waiting for 2 hours to dry off their wings;


you will see them eating mature fruits, offered to them like to the real princesses; but also camouflaged in case of the dangerous birds and much more.


You will discover and see with your own eyes all the four phases of the life of every of these beautiful beings of the insect world, beginning with the egg, the caterpillar and ending as a chrysalis that transforms into a beautiful creation of nature, so-called ‘butterfly’. All this and much more to discover yourself in details.

Nevertheless, the butterflies are not the only owners of this secret paradise because you will have the opportunity to see some birds, fishes, turtles, the only European chameleon and an higuana.



We would like to share with you some secrets that we discovered during our visit:
– Did you know that since the moment when the butterflies start to fly, they begin to search to create a couple and they recognize their other part thanks to the perfume that belongs to every special species?
– Did you know that they fly more when it is sunny and they rest during the cloudy days?
– Did you know that the chrysalises can have form of a stone, a leaf to avoid being eaten?





– “El Mariposario” of Benalmadena has an easy access from the highway A7 (exit 217) for the visitors driving a car and very central location for the tourists of the Costa Del Sol coming both from the Malaga and the Marbella area. There is possibility of reaching the place using the public transport.
– Open 365 days a year, what will allow you to plan this exceptional activity during the rainy days or on Sundays.
– There are special offers for guided visits of school and organised groups adapted to each age rate.
– The entrance tickets can be bought online on the official website with special discounts.
– Take the advantage to make a few spectacular photos of the nicest butterflies of the world! It is allowed!

mariposa30 mariposa29

Address: Avd. Retamar s/n (near Buddhist Temple)
Benalmádena Pueblo 29639
Tel. : 951-211-196


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