True Neapolitan dining experience in Malaga

Restaurante Pizzeria “Alma Napoletana”


If you wanna feel a real spirit of Neapolitan hospitality, you must visit the pizzeria ” Alma Napoletana” in Malaga . The owner, Vittorio will treat you like a family member.
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You will enjoy not only fresh homemade food , but also environment, filled with good mood. “Mozzarella di Búfala “, Burrata and some other products coming directly from Naples . You will be surprised by their taste .
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And, of course, real wood oven pizza is unforgettable and the only one in Malaga city.
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This place is perfect for family dining. Kids are welcome on Thursdays evening for the entertainment of animators or pizza cooking class.
Good fun ,good food, good price and makes you feel like at real Neapolitan home.
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Restaurant «SOLLO» and the story of its chef Diego Gallegos.

The story of a Michelin star in «DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Resort & Spa Reserva del Higuerón».


We keep on discovering the restaurants of this magnificent complex and today we would like to introduce you to the chef Diego Gallegos, who has kindly accepted to share with us his story and to present us his passion for cooking that gave him the opportunity to become one of the famous chefs of the Costa Del Sol with his restaurant “Sollo“ and one Michelin star owner.

sollo9 sollo10

We could discover that Diego is a very simple and kind person, a person who loves his work and does it with a lot of love.

  1. With what age did you decide to cook? How did your chef career begin?

The truth is that I began my career of chef more because of the needs rather than anything else. I was studying Law in Madrid and I came to the Costa Del Sol for holidays. To win some money, I started to work in a beach restaurant (“chiringuito”) in Benalmádena by washing plates. One day the fried-food chef was off and this day I started to cook for the first time. And I loved it a lot.

  1. When did you start creating your own dishes?

I went to study to the “ LaConsula ” from the year 2006 to 2008. There I began with the practices in restaurants and started to create my own recipes. After the practices I moved to Granada and started to work with Rio Frio company. Then I opened my first restaurant “ Sollo “, which was located at that time in Benalmádena Pueblo. The business started to go very good and it is in May 25th, only 6 months after the opening of the restaurant, that I received my first Michelin star.

  1. Which kind of cuisine do you prefer to eat at home?

I rarely eat at home because I most of the time I am eating out. However, if I have my day off at home I love to make lentils soup. Nowadays I am taking a lot of care of my body and I prefer to eat something light.

  1. Why is your restaurant called “ SOLLO “?

There is an expression in Spain “ you are fat as a sturgeon ” and in my restaurant everything is done from the river fishes only.

  1. How would you describe your restaurant “ SOLLO “?

Our values and rules are the following:

– Taking care of the sustainability;

– Offering a unique experience to the client by using unique products as a result of pure investigation. All our dishes are inspired by nature. We take care of the details in the presentation of every plate by using pieces of wood and other natural supports.

  1. In one word, “ SOLLO “ is …?


sollo1 sollo5

  1. Which criteria did you use to create your menu?

We use high quality products bearing in mind the environment, such as the sturgeon, the trout, the glass eel etc.. All the dishes are healthy and in my restaurant nothing is thrown away. The rests of the products are used to create soups and other dishes.

8. What would be for you the most important thing in the art of cooking?

For me the most important thing is that the dish is tasty and good. I want to hear my clients say: “How good was this dish! ”. To get it, it is necessary to treat very carefully the prime matters to give them some unique flavor.

sollo12 sollo14

9. What is, according to your opinion, the biggest problem of the gastronomy and the restaurants nowadays?

It is to cheat the client. What comes by written in the menu has to appear in the plate. In my restaurant the kitchen is open so every client could see the process of preparation of his plates.

10. Diego, which plans do you have for future?

I want to give to knowing more my stall “ Arequipa “in the gastronomic market of Malaga and in November perhaps I might open a new place.

11. Which advice would you give to the future chefs?

First of all, they must know that cooking at home does not have anything to do with the profession of chef. To be a good businessman in the world of the gastronomy, it is necessary to travel and to work hard because in the end of the day they are going to have to work when their clients will be enjoying. Everything has to be perfect because the clients are those who give us job. Before cooking was not a prestige and now it is a business.

12. And, finally, Diego. If you were not chef now you would have chosen the profession of …?

Musician! I play the battery and I love the music but I also love to be chef and what I do now.




” FLORIAN’S “- Italian with a touch of “à la francaise”

florian2 florian9

“FLORIAN’S”–an Italian restaurant with a touch of “à la francaise”

With more than 29 years of experience in the restaurant business, Florian is the perfect example of a chef who loves his profession and expounds his art of cooking every day by creating new flavors and recipes. His first restaurant in Paris “ L’Entrecôte “ (located in the street “ Rue Berri “, adjacent to the famous Champs-Elysées) was giving to Florian the possibility of winning a Michelin star in the “ Best Promise 2009  Award”. Nevertheless, his Spanish roots seem to him more attractive than the glory in the city of Paris. Florian sells the restaurant to live in the lands of his Spanish family and settles down in the Costa del Sol giving us the opportunity of discovering his art of cuisine.


As a result of this change of life opens the restaurant “ Florian’s “ in the Port of Cabopino. “ Florian’s “ is not a typical Italian restaurant with the traditional recipes but it is an Italian restaurant with some French and Mediterranean inspiration. Florian wanted to go out of the common things to show us some of his own creations due to his real passion for the kitchen and for the search of new flavors. To obtain this exquisite mix of products and Italian recipes, Florian has been working in Rome and learnt the Italian cuisine from the greatest Italian chefs, as well as of the famous Italian chef “ Simone Zanoni “ from the restaurant “Trianon” with 2 Michelin stars,  which belongs to Gordon Ramsay in Versailles.


“ Florian’s “ is an Italian restaurant that should be visites by those who know about the stylised gastronomic cuisine and by those who appreciate the unrepeatable flavors. Here all the dishes are prepared from the first quality products and emphasise the magic of the home-made food. “ Florian’s “ is an Italian restaurant adapted to the Andalusian region without losing its touch of creativity.

florian4 florian12

We invite you to visit the best Italian restaurant of Cabopino to enjoy some of its exquisite dishes in the serene ambience of the port.


We asked:
“What makes you go on in the world of the restaurants nowadays, Florian?”
And he answered us:
“ Without any doubt, it is the LOVE for the KITCHEN and the PASSION of CREATING. Everything in my restaurant is done with love! ”.


Las Brasas de Alberto

Have you ever thought that the rustic homemade cuisine can also be “gourmet”?! Then this is the place you definitely must visit.

alberto6 alberto23

Located in a beautiful small square near the sea promenade of Estepona centre, “Las Brasas de Alberto” will without any doubt catch your attention with its flavours of the grilled meat! This place is a real discovery for the authentic “carnivores”, fresh homemade food lovers and the real wine experts.

However, we should really start to introduce this place by parts to make you fall in love with it after your first visit!

The Starters. The Gourmet Experience.

– Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce.

The house always offers an invitation starter to its guests to make them start their meal with and have some more time to make their choice.

-Grilled Goat Cheese with Duck Foie and Apple Purée.


A real fine food example with its magic combination of flavours. You will love it even if you don’t consider yourself as a real cheese lover because this goat cheese is considered as the best of Spain and has a very unique taste. Starting from the first plates, you will see that quality is the main characteristic of this place.

-Prawns in the Cream Sauce with Rice.

If you think that the meat restaurants do not have a clue about the fish, then you are completely wrong. “Las Brasas de Alberto” is the restaurant that can surprise even the most demanding lovers of the delicious sea products.

The Real Meat Tradition.

The restaurant will surprise you with the quality and the taste of their meat selection and this is obvious because its owner , Angel Ibañez, is selecting the best prime raw material for their meat menu.


He travels every year around the world to choose the best quality for his restaurant, attending the gastronomic fairs and even the direct meat factories.


The origins of meat are Galicia, Germany, etc.. And if you are a real expert, then you can even order the special Kobe Beef from Japan to enjoy it on place (available only on previous order).

alberto3 alberto4
This special care for the quality explains the taste of meat and makes this place very unique and attractive. We had the pleasure to taste a “Galician T-Bone Steak” and we can objectively say that we have not eaten something so delicious for a long time.

alberto20 alberto21

alberto16 alberto17

The Wine Cellar.

As we all know, any good food needs a good wine on the table. “Las Brasas de Alberto” will offer you a great selection of Spanish wines according to your taste.

The “Alaya Tierra 2013″ from Atalaya winery is highly recommended, if you want to taste some cherry flavours in combination with the meat of your choice.


In other words, the story and the quality of the place is far to be finished but this restaurant can be described as “A Real Must Come Back Place”!


Come and Enjoy a meat experience in a warm rustic atmosphere with the high-standard service!

To be continued…


Reservation: (+34) 636 19 27 38 , (+34) 951 70 33 17

“La Pappardella” in Puerto Banus – real Neapolitan flavor!

Walking along one of the nicest and charismatic ports of Spain, Puerto Banus, your attention will be certainly caught by a Mediterranean and cozy decoration, beautiful views to the ships of the port, the sun and the ‘Concha’ mountain, of this small Italian restaurant called ‘ La Pappardella ‘.


This Italian corner in the heart of Puerto Banus will not only leave you with the desire to return back and to taste the delicious dishes of its high quality cuisine but will also surprise you with its delicate atmosphere, the amiability and the joy of the whole staff.


‘ La Pappardella ‘ has left us with a great part of happiness in the stomach after the degustation of a few exquisite dishes that have made us travel through the Italian gastronomy and especially the cuisine of the city of Naples:

(smoked mozzarella, tomato sauce, oregano).


(tomato sauce, cream, soft cheese ricotta and basil). It is the typical Neapolitan pasta, which in this case also gave name to the restaurant.

This dish is an real delight for the lovers of special flavors and of the fine cuisine.

(seabass served with tomato cherry and seafood prepared according to Ischia style recipe).
Ischia is a beautiful island of Naples, known for its ‘ art of the good food tradition ‘, what explains the unforgettable and fresh flavor of this dish, which will leave memory in the mind and the mouth of the real lovers of the fish and the seafood.


– And, of course, a TIRAMISU could not miss in our meal. A homemade typical dessert, specialty of the house that allowed us to forget for once about the diet and left space to pure pleasure.


The high quality Italian gastronomy, the generous heart and the spirit of happiness, the events organized with live music for your special moments … all this and much more to discover in ‘ La Pappardella ‘.

A small Italy, which will make you feel like at home.

pappardela2 pappardela4

Reservations: +34 952 815 089

La Pala D’oro – Venetian taste

If you were looking for one of the best places with real Italian food on the Costa del Sol ,then this is the restaurant for you.

paladoro10 paladoro12

It is located in an authentic place of Benalmadena Pueblo. The restaurant is run by the Venetians, who will share with you the romantic spirit of their unique city.

paladoro11 paladoro15

The cosy interior of the restaurant will bewitch you, your family and friends. It will make you feel the atmosphere of Italy while being in Spain. The fresh homemade pasta and pizza will surprise you with its presentation and the touch of creativity from the hand of the chef. Being originally from Veneto region, he will share with you the individuality of the authentic Italian food.

paladoro13 palodoro1

We have been offered a few delicious dishes, such as:

-Vitello Tonnato, cold veal in tuna sauce with a very unique taste. Highly recommended!

-Ravioli with really special sauces.
-And, of course, real Italian pizza.

The restaurant will also offer you a big selection of wonderful Italian wines, which will make your dinner even more delightful. You will find your favourite one, no matter if you will be choosing meat or if you are a fish lover. However, if you prefer the bubbles, you will be offered all types of Prosecco. You will be able to enjoy it with your dinner or just to take it away and enjoy home with your family or guests.

paladoro5 paladoro6

All these red, white, rosé wines and prosecco variety are due to the fact that “La Pala D’Oro” is the official distributor of “ASTORIA” wine brand.The restaurant will surprise you with its collection of beautiful unique bottles, designed and created by Venetian Murano glass artists.


Come and enjoy the authentic Italian cuisine you were looking for! You won’t be disappointed!

paladoro14 palodoro2

 Buon appetito &  salute !


Phone :   +34 952 44 89 07


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