BIOPARC – a hidden animal paradise in the heart of Fuengirola.

If you have ever thought that beautiful Costa Del Sol is only a paradise destination for people like you and me, then you are completely wrong because we invite you to visit the town of Fuengirola, located in the heart of the Costa Del Sol between Malaga and Marbella. Walking around the town with its big choice of good restaurants located especially in the so-called “Hunger Street”, enjoying the port side and the long sea promenade, visiting its castle with amazing views to the Mediterranean, something very special would catch your attention right in the centre of the city near the famous “Plaza de Toros”. This very unique and unusual detail would be the big Baobab tree –  symbol of the small hidden animal paradise “Fuengirola BIOPARC”.

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“BIOPARC” is one of the best zoo’s in Europe because of its unique concept and its creative design, which allow to each of the guests to travel during their visit to the tropical worlds of Africa and Asia.

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If you have ever dreamt to travel to one of these continents? Then this is your special chance to do it without leaving the sunny Costa Del Sol or booking some thousands kilometers trip. Fortunately the sun here is almost the same as at the most tropical corners.


Walking through the paths of the tropical wild atmosphere of the park, you will not only be able to discover its vegetation (tropical plants, flowers, trees) but you will also be able to meet the real habitants of this site, the wild animals. The park distinguishes from the other zoo’s because it offers the possibility to share the space and to observe from the inside the life of all these different species, which unfortunately most of them are in danger of extinction such as gorillas and the Sumatran tigers.

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This makes of the zoo a unique inmersion experience divided in 4 different natural habitats representing:
-Madagascar Island with the famous lemurs;

-Equatorial Africa with the funny suricates and the curious chimpanzees;

 biopark14 IMG_1402
-Southeast Asia with the unique prehistoric crocodiles;

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-And the Indo-Pacific zone, with the famous Komodo dragons and the giant Galapagos turtles.


“BIOPARC” has also a series of activities prepared both for the young and the adult visitors to make them discover the interesting details of the tropical nature and the curious life of the animals. One cafetería and a shop are also available in the park to make you enjoy the experience in the most comfortable way and to make you take with yourself something that would remind you this unique tropical “trip”.

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Nothing more to say! Just come and visit the zoo that has been transporting its visitors for over 15 years to the beautiful world of Nature!

Come and fall in love with this small tropical paradise where the main words of each of the persons working in the zoo is: “WE LOVE ANIMALS”!