Biologique Recherche Haute Couture


The exclusive skin care program

After many years of researches, “ Biologique Recherche ” has developed a unique skin care program : “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ”.

Based on the experience in the field of exceptional skin care , “ Biologique Recherche ” offers the individualized approach to the development of skin care products.

The program “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” brings together the clinical approach of the company to the beauty care and the personalized program which gives tremendous results.

Similarly to all the other methods of “ Biologique Recherche ”, this outstanding program is based on three main phases – cosmetological evaluation of the skin, the initial phase and the treatment.


The individualized evaluation.

The  singular approach of “ Biologique Recherche ” is based on the absolutely different attention to the skin care treatments.

“ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” allows to follow the dynamic improvement of the skin conditions during a long period of time by the means of the diagnostics machine “ Skin Instant Lab ”, which will make an analysis according to the temporary, seasonal rhythms, day time and night cycles.

The program starts with an initial evaluation which will be provided by the “ Biologique Recherche ”expert. The specialist will that way prepare the precise dermo-cosmetic diagnosis with the aim to define the specific skin problems.

The evaluation consists of visual inspection, the questionnaire, the consultation of the client needs, as well as the very careful analysis.

The analisys with the “ Skin Instant Lab ” machine defines:

– the moisture level of the skin;

– the excretion level;

– the transepidermal loss of water;

– the elasticity;

– the tonification;

– the melanin index;

– the wrinkles depth.

The following assessment of the skin condition will be done after 6 months, in the end of the “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” program. Basing on the skin test the “BR” expert will recommend a personalized skin care program to follow at home, as well as the following treatment procedures to performn in the clinic.

Every set of products contains 2 creams and 3-8 serums made according to special formulas.

The sets also contain instructions for the application of the products with the indication of the quantity of the product necessary for each application.

The new set of “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” products  is delivered monthly.

Our products “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” are made of active components (we use more than 60 components). These must solve the most frequent skin problems:

– Moisturising;

– Elasticity;

– Fats;

– Free radicals;

– Age spots;

– Transepidermal water loss;

– Wrinkles;

– Seborrhea;

– Inflammations.


The consultation with the“ Biologique Recherche ” expert will help to define the specific problems of your skin. Then, according to this assessment and the data analysis , we will create for you the special “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” program.

Preparation phase (1-st month)

During the period between the consultation and the delivery of the first “ Biologique Recherche Haute Couture ” products set, we need one month to prepare your skin for the further treatmet. This phase of preparation allows you to strengthen and calm your skin by means of  “ Biologique Recherche ” skin care products . As a result your skin will be ready for the treatment in the best conditions.

Inductive phase (2-nd month)

After one month of skin condition diagnostics you receive the personalized skin care program. This phase is connected to the first phase of the soft treatment appropriate for the specific needs of the client.

Soon your skin will be ready to receive more intensive treatment which can become the optimal part of the program.

Maintaining phase (3-rd – 5-th month)

This  phase was created for the solution of deep skin problems.

Leveling phase (6-th month)

The last two sets of products stabilize your skin condition. The skin condition was improved and soon the problems will be eliminated.

The final assessment

During all the phases of the program, the clinic will prepare meetings to make sure that the treatment is going properly and the program is working according to the noticeable changes.


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