“BEST PAELLAS & RICE RECIPES IN MALAGA” – a culinary book of Fernando Sánchez Gómez


We could not imagine the South of Spain without its landscape contrast between sea and mountain! Neither could we imagine the Malaga gastronomy without its famous “paellas”!

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But how many recipes from Malaga could we really prepare using this special ingredient “rice”?

The doctor of journalism, Fernando Sánchez Gómez, gives us not only this great opportunity of discovering the traditional paella recipes of the province of Malaga but he also allows us to discover the wide spectrum of more than 200 recipes made with the rice in his new book called in the Spanish version “ARROCES DE MÁLAGA”. This book was presented the 15th of September this year in the restaurant “1870” of San Pedro, which is the perfect space for this occasion, offered by its chef and host Aitor Perurena, who also offered a selection of wines and tapas of his restaurant during the presentation.

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Being a great investigator as a person, Fernando Sánchez has been for over 2 years collecting rice recipes in the main restaurants of the province of Malaga. You will be surprised by all these recipes of rice mixed with other ingredients as mush unique as innovators, bearing in mind that the rice is considered in Spain as the best product to transmit the food flavors. The interesting part of this book is that it is a real gastronomic guide to discover the restaurants of Malaga. Every mentioned restaurant offered its special rice recipe. Each recipe of the book is also prepared with a suggestion of one of the wines of Malaga. This way the book allows you to enjoy an unforgettable culinary trip in one of the most wonderful provinces of Andalusia.

A real jewel for the cuisine lovers and especially the ones who love rice!


The book is from now on available in the English version under the title “Best Paellas & Recipes in Rice Malaga”. You can buy it online on .