Benahavís – the perfect choice for GASTROMÍA 2016!


Benahavís – a hidden white town located in an incomparable nature, which takes you completely out of the well-know coastal setting and makes you travel through the green part of the Costa Del Sol . Do not forget that it is also the place to be if the green colour means Golf for you because most of the famous golf courses are located exactly in this area of the coast.

Benahavís is also a unique gastronomical town due to its extensive number of high quality restaurants and “bodegas” (wine bars), for those who appreciate the real flavours of the god Dionysos beverage.

benahavis5 benahavis6

Therefore, there were no excuses for not choosing this place as the perfect gastronomical address of the 3d Edition of “GASTROMÍA 2016″ Gastronomy Awards , which will take place on the 26th of May 2016 in the Marbella Casino with the participation of 15 of the best gastronomic critics of Spain.
The event, which represents a series of gastronomical experiences during the whole month of May, was introduced during the press conference on the past 5th of May in the Town Hall of Benahavís. This culinary journey is a great event for this municipality, where the traditional cuisine has been renowned since the 70s.

And as it has been also mentioned by the director of the Marbella Casino, D. Javier Burgués : “It is a great opportunity to support the local gastronomy of the South of Spain and to introduce it in the Marbella Casino showing the art of transforming the food”.
And also by the Finance Councilwoman of Benahavís, Da. Esperanza González Pazos :” It is a fantastic event which will join together great professionals and great products of the region”.

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So, after all these facts you can see that Benahavís is your perfect opportunity to spend a journey in the charming atmosphere and the gastronomical flavours of this exceptional white town of Andalusia!


Did you know what “Benahavís” means?

The word “Benahavís” is coming from the mix of two different words: “Ben” in Arabic meaning “son” and “Havis”, name of the Arab figure, who reigned in Montemayor Castle of Benahavis, built in the 10th century.
Therefore even today you can notice the influence of the Arabic world in the architecture and the atmosphere of the town.