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We are on the last Saturday of May. It’s a wonderful sunny morning. We enjoyed breakfast at GLOW BEAUTY, a beauty salon in Puerto Banus. The first impression – you cannot overlook this place!

It is a unique space of luxury, comfort and convenience. A reflection of an inner elegance, full of light and brilliance, healthy and pleasant atmosphere, friendly and attentive staff, tasty food and a delightful cup of coffee.

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GLOW BEAUTY loves to pamper their customers, likes to make surprises. Today GLOW BEAUTY invited their friends to a delicious breakfast to present their new makeup courses for beginners and professionals. Fresh croissant, orange juice and other tasty snacks at GLOW cafe, the waiter who was always close – everything was wonderful!

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The salon stylist taught us about the art of makeup. There was a lot of very useful and interesting information. Eventually the stylist demonstrated his makeup techniques on a live model, his style was original and appealing. Half of the face of the model was painted to represent the day time and the other half – to represent the nightlife. After the event the guests returned to the cafe for some coffee and more.

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It is a good start to the day! Beautiful and delicious!