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ART & BREAKFAST Art Event at Room Mate Hotels, Malaga ( 6 – 8th of May 2016 )

Did you know that it is possible to meet to only share the passion for art at the same time with gallery owners, professionals, artists and simple lovers of this divine avocation the time of a few days in such a beautiful city as it is Malaga?

Well Yes, it is possible thanks to a completely new concept of art meeting points called “ ART & BREAKFAST ”, which prepares for you, already for the second time and after the last success, a wide program of activities and cultural events to introduce you contemporary and, perhaps sometimes risky, art of the XXIst century.

“ ART & BREAKFAST ” is a dynamic event which can be attended both by professionals of the sector and also by a public interested in discovering the cultural world that they did not know till now. Friends, families, experts …? You will all be able to find here your personal points of interest because here everything has sense … or not …

So come to discover art with us these coming  6 – 8th of May, 2016!

The program of the activities available on the web page: www.art-breakfast.com.

If you need more information about any aspect of “Art & Breakfast” event, or you want to contact with us, then do it through:

Phone: 915 21 21 84 // 639 68 79 43