Amazing program : Bio-reconstruction !

Bio-reconstruction of the skin tissues is not only a program for bio-revitalisation of the skin, but it is also and firstly the program which aims to rejuvenate and restore skin vital resources. In its creation there are long scientific and clinical researches directed to define the changes of the skin due to the age and also to search the means, which can affect these transformations.

The main task are the long-lasting support of the restoration processes and the sustenance of the natural structure of the tissues.
As many researches have shown, hyaluronic acid together with the nucleotides reach more effective results, providing regeneration of the skin tissues.

At the moment the trand of the skin tissues restoration is the serum called PRHISMA. It is the depurated collagen for the intraskin injections with the objective of achievement of the skin lifting.

The special technics of the extraction gives the guarantee of safety of the use of PRHISMA, excluding that way сytotoxity and irritation of the skin.
It does not require any preliminary test before its application.
The absence of the side effects makes out of this product a new therapeutic concept in the aesthetic medicine.
This product possesses the greatest percent of collagen of the first type (32 %), existing at the moment in medicine for the injection type applications.

The transformation properties of PRHISMA go over the properties of any other product in aesthetic medicine both in its intensity and in the speed of its influence. The results can be seen already on the next day: the skin is tightened, small wrinkles disappear, the turgor and the natural healthy color restored. During the procedure the zones of the face, the neck, the decollete and the hands are all covered. The method of the injection is the same as in deep mesotherapy treatment.

The program of bioreconstruction of the skin tissues is being developed individually for each patient, according to the condition of the skin, the age and taking all the previous medical aesthetic interventions into consideration. The bioreconstruction treatment is created on a combination of alternated injections of the hyaluronic acids and the collagen. The program of the bioreconstruction can also be applied on the young patients.

Thanks to this program, the following problems can be solved:
– Pronounced skin dehydration;
– Cicatricial defects;
– Preparation for the traumatic cosmetic/plastic procedures, operations and rehabilitation after them;
– Chronic and photoageing;
– Photodamage.

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