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Something about us

 Do you want to make the world around yourself functional, comfortable and cozy? Are you ready for modern and unique solutions? We will help you in creating the most courageous architectural projects and creative designs. If you decide to buy a new apartment, build a house of your dream or discuss the creation of a new office, then our studio team is ready to help you. With the help of a conceptual and creative approach, we will create a space that will best meet your requirements and wishes. For many years we make our customers happy with luxurious interior and architectural compositions that fascinate and inspire us.


What we can offer

Our services

Interior design and Decoration

From the best professionals in the world of decoration and sustainable space design,we offer a comprehensive interior design service, fully personalized and adapted to your budget.

Our aim is to help you create a space that is coherent with your style, and matches your style and needs, whilst taking into account more intangible parameters such as the harmony and sustainability of the design.

Additionally, you will get direct access to the best discounts on our catalogue, so you can decorate your space with the best eco-designed products in the world. Easy, affordable and sustainable.

Just call us and we will immediately get in contact with you to start studying your needs in depth, and create the decorative solution you need.

Boutique construction and finishing works

For 10 years we have been working in the field of design and architecture. And for this time have accumulated a lot of experience working with various objects, from repairing apartments and country cottages in Kiev to commercial premises, such as offices, cafes, workshops. Our customers are satisfied with the quality of work and impeccable service. Adhering to the policy of equality, we provide equally good service to all customers, whether an individual or a large company.

Where to find bona fide workers? How long will it take to finish repairs? What unreal price of repair or construction will stand at the end of the estimate?

Professional Photography Services

Although anyone with a smartphone can snap a quick picture suitable for a social media post, our photographers understand lighting, composition, set design, and the intricacies of photo editing to produce stunning photos that speak a thousand words. We consistently hear from our clients that our photos showcase their products brilliantly and our unique, high-quality images feel authentic and honest for their brands.

We ensure brand consistency in every shoot and provide simple buyout packages so clients don’t have to navigate usage rights, expiry dates, and royalties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information. Just call us: +34 670789370